Ditch Closed Source/Propritary technology and opt for Free/Open-Source

Opting for free and open-source alternatives like Fedora Linux, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice, businesses can not only save money but also ensure data privacy and enhance productivity in the long run.


BY Vasiliy T / ON Oct 04, 2023


If you are looking for alternative options to Microsoft products, it’s important to consider the potential risks associated with their software products. In recent years, Microsoft has been criticized for their potential to invade users’ privacy and for adding ads and unwanted software to their products. However, there are many free and open-source alternatives available that can help businesses maintain privacy and boost productivity.

The Risks of Microsoft Products

Microsoft has long been a monopoly in the tech industry, and while their products may be ubiquitous, they have been criticized for their potential to invade users’ privacy with their software products over the years. As technology advances, so do data privacy concerns, which is why users should prioritize privacy when choosing the tech tools they use.

In recent years, Microsoft has also been adding ads and unwanted software to their products, which can be frustrating for users. Additionally, their products are not free and their pricing models are not always predictable for business users.

Alternative Options: Linux-Based Operating Systems

For those seeking alternative options, Linux-based operating systems such as Fedora Linux can provide a free and open-source solution. Fedora is a popular choice for both personal and professional use, and provides access to a wide range of software that can satisfy the needs of most small businesses.

Alternative Office Suites: LibreOffice and OpenOffice

In addition to computing systems, Microsoft Office, which was once the industry-standard for productivity software, has now many free alternatives in the market. Open-source office suites such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice offer comparable functionality and features to Microsoft Office, without the licensing fees and restrictions that are inherent to proprietary software.


The importance of avoiding Microsoft products due to privacy concerns and their monopolistic tendencies increases every year. Replacing Microsoft products with free and open-source alternatives can help save money and provide more privacy. Fedora Linux, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice are free and open source tools that can help businesses maintain privacy, and also boost productivity in the long run.

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